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Bitter End Accessories

We at Bitter End Goggles have worked to get some pretty great products to market. Check out some of the things we have for you to accessorize your Gucci-ness.

PNW Punk Death Rag
The one and only PNW Punk's death rags. Make it known when you are hit! Three styles to choose from - This is a Bitter End Exclusive
 - $10.00 USD

Dead Rag Style
Wide-i Magnetic Goggle Wiper
Magnetic interior fog and exterior goggle wiper. Vanquish fog and clear your lenses when fog occurs or rain blocks your view. Works great with our Range Master Goggles or any full lens goggles and enhances your lens fog wipe application. Made in Washington State - USA.  $8.99 USD

Wiley X - Prescription Insert
Prescription insert for Wiley X shooting glasses. This insert works with PT-1, Saber Advanced, Vapor, and Rogue. Inserts for other Wiley X glasses and goggles available. Email for more information - $20.00 USD

Bitter End Lower Face Masks
Bitter End Lower Face Mask
The authentic Bitter End Lower Face Protection is made of high quality US Steel, comes in multiple profiles to match your game play style, and customizable trim and paintable to match your loadout and gear - Starting at $49.95 USD

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