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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is the most frequently asked questions that I receive on a regular basis. Hopefully, this will answer most of the questions that your have regarding Bitter End Airsoft Gear, the quality and performance, as well as how to get your own.


I have many requests for bulk orders from Teams and Airsoft Retailers around the World.  Bitter End Airsoft Goggles are not mass produced.  Each lens or mask  is built by hand, to ensure the highest quality product available.

The demand for Bitter End Airsoft Goggles always out paces supply; every goggle and lower face mask is pre-sold.  I can give you a price break of $5.00 USD per goggle or mask and combine shipping. (contact me for orders over 5 units )

Unfortunately we do cannot send you a lens for your goggle unless it is something stocked by Wiley X. If you have a goggle that you are particularly fond of, we should be able to build a lens for your goggle. This requires you to ship your goggles to us and we will cut, fit, shape, file, primer, paint and install the lens into your goggle. 

As a side note: You will not save any money with this route, sometimes it is more expensive than purchasing one of my goggles.  Also, you will be risking getting a blemish or two on your goggles. Sometimes getting 50 sharp points of metal into a plastic goggle frame only looks good on paper.

I do not sell raw material.  As noted before; I take much pride in providing a quality product. If left to the DIY player, there would no longer be any Quality Control for Bitter End Airsoft Gear.

The standard color for most of my goggles is Ultra Flat Black.  I also get requests for lenses in OD Green, Coyote Tan, Brown or in various patterns (Woodland, Desert, Multicam, etc...) 

Bitter End stamped steel lenses have been independently tested by many players throughout the World.  I have personally tested my lenses from 530+FPS with .20g BB's... (Click here to see a recent test) to 460FPS with .36g BB's.

There are many independent reviews for Bitter End Airsoft Goggles throughout the World Wide Web; Google is your friend!

We ship pretty much everywhere in the World. We use US Postal Service to all our shipments. If you prefer another shipping method and want to make arrangements, please contact us at

I typically post the shipment with in 5 to 7 days of receiving payment, if there is any unexpected delays I will notify you as soon as possible.

When shipping to a country outside of the United States the time can vary greatly. It will be on your shores in just a few days, but it is at the mercy of the custom officials in your country.  I have had goggles make it across the Globe in 4 days... and I have had some take 4 weeks.

All payments are handled through Paypal They can take many forms of payment.



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